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Monday, June 19, 2017

Flow of Life

Find Your Way

Pitfalls of the Seeker:
Knowing where you're going.
Struggling to get there.
Using someone else's map.
Working to improve yourself.
Setting a timetable.
Waiting for a miracle.
There's no better way to be a genuine seeker than to avoid these pitfalls.”
Deepak Chopra (The Book of Secrets, p. 49)

My friend, Harry, and I have pseudo-arguments about whether or not meditation is the foremost avenue to spiritual growth and freedom from fear. He meditates daily and is a true believer. I am not given to sitting meditation; my mind is a busybody that revels in disruption of the peace. It yaks, it sings, it clings and latches onto things. It replays conversations, rewrites them into something more interesting, and, in general, keeps a running banter no matter how many times I return to the breath. Harry's way is not my way. So, I don't sit in meditation, unless you count sitting on my porch observing the wind in the trees and listening to the birds sing.

A couple of my friends study at the Jung Institute in Zurich. They find great interest and solace in contemplating the deeper meanings of human behavior. Being in a climate of other seekers-after-knowledge-and-wisdom energizes them. They are both close in age to me, and at this stage of life they are still willing to write papers and take tests. Study is a path to peace for some of us.

Two of my church friends are taking a three week course in glass work. They are learning how to fuse glass to make artistic dishes and other objects. Next in their plan is to learn to layer glass for depth. Even as beginners, their work is beautiful, and I've never before seen them so alight with excitement. Creativity and self-expression are avenues to soul for some of us. Other close friends attend a centering prayer group every week. They wouldn't think of missing it, since it grounds them in the deep stillness of communal prayer. It is their path.

The point is, your journey to soul may be very different from mine. Don't try to make yourself fit someone else's method. Mostly, spiritual growth is spontaneous and unexpected. It happens when life opens up in a new direction, or sometimes, when a door slams in your face. It's unpredictable, and not subject to manipulation. Sometimes, insight occurs instantaneously, without the slightest expectation on your part. A mere glance, a word, changes your life utterly. No one else's script is written for you. And when you experience sudden spiritual insight, it's not a miracle. It's just life allowed to flow.

                                                      In the Spirit,


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