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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Right Attitude

Right Action

Whenever you perform an action, have the attitude that you are not performing the action. Have the attitude that your actions are really the actions of non-local intelligence, the organizing universal spirit. You begin to notice a great diminution of anxiety. You will also be less attached to the result.”
Deepak Chopra (The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, p. 116)

Our culture, especially our business culture, stresses preparedness. Get ahead of the curve, take the lead, be so impressive that no one notices there's anyone else in the room. In other words, be aggressive and determined; you control the conditions, you set the agenda. We see that scenario in our entertainment, in our politics and most certainly, in our international relationships. “Let me tell you how it's going to be,” rather than, “I'm here to listen and see how we can work together,” is often the way we perceive empowerment. We are taught to argue and debate our way to a deal that gets us what we want, and we feel successful only when we have the upper hand. We have to win, and someone else has to lose. In doing things this way, we keep ourselves in a constant state of anxiety.

If you are attempting to follow Spirit's lead, you do the opposite of that. Instead of grabbing for everything to which you feel entitled and more, you wait, you listen, you allow. You are present in the moment with all your senses, and you are available for guidance. And, that guidance will come. It may come in a form that surprises you, as though it sprang up full blown in that moment. As though someone unknown whispered the right answer in your ear. Wise guidance comes, not from the ego-you, who wants to have the right answer, and always wants to “win,” but from the higher Self, whose only interest is your soul and what comes next for its well-being. You may not win the prize, but you will walk away knowing that you did the right thing. And, you will have peace instead of anxiety.

                                                             In the Spirit,


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