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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Moon Talk

Full Moon People

There is a moon inside every human being.
Learn to be companions with it.

Let the water settle,
you will see the moon and stars
in your being.”

Today is the full moon before Easter—referred to as the Paschal moon, the Passover moon. The first thing I noticed upon waking this morning was how big and bright it shone behind the leafed out trees.

The moon affects us deeply whether we know it or not. Just as it tugs the oceans and creates the tide cycles, its gravitational pull affects our endocrine systems. The moon archetype, in every spiritual or psychological system, is associated with the feminine characteristics of nurturing, mothering, belonging. The Passover story in the book of Exodus is, after all, about protection of the young. The shadow side of the moon archetype is moodiness, emotionalism, and dependency—in both men and women.

The moon is the ruler of emotions, and just like the physical moon, our emotions range from small and passive, to full blown and assertive. The moon also symbolically represents the cycles of love. Like the moon, love waxes and wanes, sometimes full and beaming, sometimes barely a sliver of light. In the words of poet, Rumi: “Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” Lovers also need the freedom and space, both physical and psychological, to allow their relationship to wax and wane; to sometimes be barely visible, at other times growing steadily—both are requirements to becoming full.

Tonight, wherever you are, take a look at the Paschal moon and think of all the people you love, and who love you. And, give thanks.

                                                        In the Spirit,

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