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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Energy Expansion

Source Energy

The Best representation of Source Energy that you will ever find in your physical format is inexpressible. It's that feeling of love and appreciation that just Wells up within you, that is so sensational you can hardly find words for it. That's the true Essence of who you are.”
Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks)

Most of us have one or two peak experiences in our lives—perhaps more if we meditate regularly. A peak experience is one in which the boundaries of what is you fall away, and you expand to become one with all that is. The most amazing feeling of well-being floods your senses, and drenches you in the energy of open-heart. You experience unity. In my limited experience, this happens spontaneously, unexpectedly, and without control of any kind. For me, it's always in the natural world.

I catch glimpses of it when I hear a wedge of geese calling in flight, or catch sight of an eagle skimming the surface of a lake, or a hear the loons talking to one another across the water at dawn. They remind me that Spirit is a thing with wings. In these instances, it's not full blown expansion, but something like an echo—a reminder that the connection is there and could happen at any moment. We can't make it happen any more than we can sprout wings of our own and fly, but oh, when it does, we never forget.

According to Esther Hicks, author and spiritual teacher, this is our true essence—that part of us that is connected to the Source. If we get past our personal perspectives, our ego-selves, our need to be in control; if we dig down to the observer behind all the inner voices, attitudes and biases, that expansive spirit is who and what we truly are. All we have to do to get there is to apply consciousness to all we do, and all we say, and all we think, all day, every day! Piece of cake, right? Did I just hear Mr. Miyagi say, “Baby steps, Grasshopper, baby steps!”

                                                       In the Spirit,


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