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Saturday, December 10, 2016

In these days of increasing darkness...

Work with Light

There is no more worthy, more glorious, or more potent work, than to work with light.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (The Mystery of Light)

We are moving steadily toward Winter Solstice, the day of least sunlight in the northern hemisphere, on December 21. For the next six weeks or so, we will see more hours of darkness than light. The length of darkness in winter is more significant than we think—about five hours less daylight than we see in June. Birmingham is situated on the far eastern edge of the Central Time Zone, so our sunrise, at the moment, is about 6 a.m. and twilight begins around 4 in the afternoon. It's a very short day.

Working with light is important to our physical health, since many of our critical neurotransmitters are produced in daylight. That is why many people feel less energy, and more sadness in the dark days of winter—SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is due to low exposure to sunlight. The other reason to work with light is because we are spiritually moved by it. At this moment, for instance, I can look out my window, and see the newly risen sun shining directly through the red leaves of an oak tree, illuminating them, creating an aura of yellow light around the tree, and brightening everything behind it. It's a sight that captures my attention, brings me to stillness, and connects me with something eternal. It is calming and meditative simply to watch.

We've all experienced this phenomenon with light—at the beach, for instance, watching the red sun drop into the sea, or rise from it. Observing many glorious colors making their way through the clouds, changing and blending sky and water as it goes. In that moment, we feel ourselves expand and become one with sea and sky. Here is how Mikhael Aivanhov describes it in The Mystery of Light: “Wherever there are no limits, where Infinity and Eternity and Immortality exist, that is where God is.” That is the connection we feel, at least momentarily, when we work with light. Today, make the most of it.

                                                            In the Spirit,


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