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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fireside Chat

Sacred Fire

You are wondering how you can feed the sacred fire within: each day, throw pieces of your lower nature onto it.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I have just discovered the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. In this one, he says that we could not live in the world without our “lower nature,” so the idea is not to stomp it out, but to use it as kindling for the inner spiritual fire. Honestly, I was relieved to read this, since my lower nature is pretty much in charge of most of my life. And, I agree that there's no getting rid of it since it comes with the territory of being homo sapiens—a warm-blooded mammal that has retained it's reptilian brain. We can attempt to rise above selfishness, greed, anger, manipulation and so on, but we will never entirely erase them. It's the lizard in us.

Sorting out within yourself what belongs to the lizard, and what belongs to the warm-blooded mammal is the first step. Many people are truly unaware that they operate from the lower self a good deal of the time—and that's dangerous. It's dangerous because that lack of consciousness allows us to feel justified in skewering people, squashing ideas, and crushing others' hopes and dreams. Visualize, if you will, a small, innocuous, green gecko snatching a beautiful butterfly out of the air and gulping it down. There's no remorse on the part of the gecko—that's just what gecko's do, right? If we're unconscious of our lower nature, that's what we do too. Snatch and gulp, and walk away feeling satisfied.

Rather than shame and guilt, however, we can use that burning piece of coal to stoke our inner fire. Awareness leads to questions—why did I say that? What motivates me to want to hurt so-and-so? What did I hope to accomplish? After a while, you may find that there's a conversation going on between your lower self, and your higher self. “I really wanted to put him down; he's so egotistical!” “Is that a projection—are you egotistical? Or did you just want to make yourself look better?” It's annoying, but now and then, your higher self wins one, and you manage to hold your tongue before you snatch and gulp. Your higher self wants to help you rise above, but first, you have to own your reptile.

If we were able to get rid of our lower self, quite honestly, we'd lose our sense of humor, and our legitimate-danger warning system. We'd be sitting ducks for the real reptiles of this world. But making him your friend—your radical, armed and wary friend, who helps you see yourself as you are, and who, though grumpy, allows others to be who they are—is a helpful thing. He's someone who will sit with you beside your sacred fire, and have a long, truth-telling chat.

                                                          In the Spirit,


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