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Friday, August 5, 2016

What do you seek?

Ultimate Answers

I have always been a religious seeker. I think all human beings are. This does not mean that I find all my ultimate answers in religion, for I am not sure those answers are actually there to be found. It is the nature of human life, however, to seek that which is ultimate, and that seeking is what people now call religion.”
John Shelby Spong (Eternal Life)

I, too, have always been a religious seeker. Maybe that stems from spending the first two years of my life in a convent hospital—who's to say. But I don't think I'm different from any other human being. We all seek answers to unsolvable questions. Answers that we know we don't have, and no other human being has. Some of us find those answers, at least for a while, in organized religion.

What we seek, I believe, is connection to the ineffable. We sense, energetically, that there is something greater than we are able to comprehend; we feel it, we know it's all around and within us, but none of our senses can define it. And we humans do so want to define everything. We want to be able to capture the essence of that power we sense and somehow tap into it. Religions are our efforts to do just that. We've come at it in various ways because we are a diverse species—what speaks to the heart and mind of people in one place and time is different in detail from what speaks to people in another place and time. Different in the particulars, but with the same underlying desire to find those elusive answers.

The religious institutions, as we know them now, are in decline. They have calcified and become rigid and intractable in their insistence on conformity. The essence of life, the Truth that we seek, is fluid and ethereal. It is not definable, nor can we capture it once and for all. It is our seeking, and not our finding, that is the path to the ultimate Source.

                                                        In the Spirit,


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