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Monday, July 18, 2016

The creative power of...


The voice emerges from the body as a representation of our inner world. It carries our experience from the past, our hopes and fears for the future, and the emotional resonance of the moment.”
David Whythe (The Heart Aroused)

There is much talk about chaos in the world today. There's a lot of free-floating fear and anger. When things happen that are out of our control, especially brutal things such as we've witnessed lately, it is easy to become bitter, and shut down our hearts. Often, we create a Pygmalion effect with our anxiety and tension. Our philosophy of created chaos becomes reality as we add to the nervous energy already swirling around us.

When we speak from our anger and fear, when we give voice to hatred and violence, we are far more likely to see those emotions manifested in human behavior. Like antelope and wildebeests, we are herd animals, so anxiety and fear in one of us is easily conveyed to all of us. Because of social media we can broadcast our fearfulness around the globe in minutes. Our words can cause wide-spread panic, and add to the heightened sense of threat.

Words have power. They have the power to call into being the very things we fear most. They also have the power to call into being our hopes and dreams, our better natures, our concern and compassion. We can add to the tension, or we can add to the calm simply by carefully choosing our words. Listening from the heart, speaking from the heart, acting from the heart--these are the needs at this time.

                                                               In the Spirit,


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