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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sorting Information.


There is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself.”
Herman Melville

When I was learning how to paint, the instructor had us examine picture after picture to see the contrasts in depth of color. We were told not to look at the objects in a photo or a painting, but only at the contrast in light and shadow, in depth and lightness of hue of the same color. We learned how to take one dollop of paint and adjust it up or down by adding white or black. We learned how to show distance by relative size and direction of angles. Contrast is what provides context in all our dimensions.

Likewise with human beings. We consciously or unconsciously see contrasts; between what we see on the outside and what we experience on the inside. When we perceive a difference between another person's words and their deeds, we become cautious. When there is a contrast between what we are seeing and hearing, and what we are feeling on the inside, we experience discomfort. Our energetic perception is telling us one thing, and our eyes and ears are telling us another.

Contrasts may be obvious or they may be subtle. We rely upon them to add a tremendous amount of non-verbal information. We may look at someone's face, see their smile, and hear their laughter, but notice that their eyes do not follow suit. We instantly feel that disconnect and it creates suspicion within us. This type of perception comes from an older, often wiser, part of the body/mind.

Contrasts are crucial to providing the full story, whether we are painting a picture, writing music, or making important life decisions. We are on solid ground when we consider all incoming and internal information, and make our decisions when body, brain and soul are aligned.

                                                               In the Spirit,

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