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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding Oneness

Living Pagan

In the only wisdom I have at my disposal, the Creator does not live apart from creation but spans and suffuses it. When I take a breath, God's Holy Spirit enters me. When a cricket speaks to me, I talk back. Like everything else on earth, I am an embodied soul, who leaps to life when I recognize my kin. If this makes me a pagan, then I am a grateful one.”
Barbara Brown Taylor (Leaving Church)

The other day, my son, Jake, brought me a bag of butter beans grown in a community garden. I put them in the refrigerator and went on about my business. At the end of the day, when I began preparations for dinner, I pulled the bag out and began popping pods open and spilling beans into a pot. One bean I pulled out had a hitch-hiker on it—a little green bug that looked for the world like a miniature leaf. He sat there proudly on the end of the pod and stared at me tiny green eyes. I said, “Well, hello. You must be really cold. Let me take you outside to warm up.” I took him out to the boxwood at my front door, and he stepped off the bean pod like the queen stepping onto the red carpet.

At all its levels, life is precious. I'll admit that I don't like roaches, and will sic Liza on them if I see one in my house, but I respect their right to life outside. Liza does not. Her little dog-self is a roach killer par excellence! Every part of Creation has its proper place and purpose.

In the Spirituality Group on Sunday, we talked at length about what constitutes legitimate meditation. Some members of the group sit and concentrate on the breath. Some have a mantra or a centering prayer. For me, meditation is experienced in the natural world. The sounds of cicada's, crickets, birds, wind, leaves, water burbling over rocks—those are the things that entrain my brainwaves to alert silence and stillness. You undoubtedly have your own place of oneness. As embodied souls in the midst of Creation, we must return to that solid ground as often as possible.

                                                             In the Spirit,


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