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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Looking through the heart.

Heart Eyes

When we are seen by the heart we are seen for who we are. We are valued in our uniqueness by those who are able to see us this way and we become able to know and value ourselves.”
Rachel Naomi Remen (Kitchen Table Wisdom)

We humans still have a vestige, maybe a whole lot more than a vestige, of clan mentality. Times of rapid social change send us scurrying to our caves in self-defense. When times are good, when the harvest is plentiful, the gods smile on us and we are more or less content and egalitarian. But when any sort of deprivation sets in, we run to our clearest defensible high ground, and prepare to fight for what's ours. We conspire to see “outsiders” as the enemy, and as less valuable since they are not like us. Our way is the right way and anything else is the wrong way. We become like a lion protecting his pride from all challengers. When we see through our clan eyes, we become obsessed with self-protection.

When we see through our hearts, we realize that all people have the same needs for food, clothing, shelter, clean water, fresh air and respect. All of us need to belong and be part of the culture in which we live. All of us need to prosper, and when each person prospers, the whole species benefits. When we see through our hearts, we understand that all humans are like us; there are no outsiders. Instead of conspiring to fight and defend, we could conspire to welcome and unite. Conspire, after all, means “to breathe together; to be of the same spirit.”

Today, let us look at others through our hearts. Let us put aside the clannish ideas of us and them, and try instead to simply breathe together.

                                                         In the Spirit,


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