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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Embodied Spirit


If you live your life with imagination and verve, God will play along just to see what outrageously entertaining thing you'll do next.”
Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas)

Verve is a word that has just about disappeared from the lexicon. It means vigor or spirit, enthusiasm, vivacity. People express verve in different ways, if they express it at all. In a cookie-cutter world, individual expression stands out. People with verve do not follow the trends. They have their own ideas about dress and design, and live in a manner that expresses who they are regardless of how out of step it may be with the mainstream.

We think of people with verve as “spirited” because they are. Not flashy, “look at me” spirited, but the kind that denotes vitality, curiosity, and genuine interest. They engage in conversation, not because they're being polite, or doing what's expected in a social setting, but because they are truly interested in what others think. They gather information from all manner of people and places because it feeds their curiosity about how the world works, what makes others tick. They are affected by what they learn, and are open to changing their minds based on their feelings. They are life-long learners.

People with verve have a vivacity about them that does not come from physical beauty, but from inner radiance. We are drawn to them because they seem to possess something special, something not quite identifiable. Their energy is palpable and magnetic. I'll bet you know several people who fit this description—not celebrities, but ordinary human beings who walk the same streets you do. They are worthy role models, because they are guided by their own spirit. We can watch, and learn from their example.

                                                                      In the Spirit,


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