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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cyber Villans

It's All Practice

"To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer."
Paul R. Ehrlich

Well, I must have offended the computer gods with my last couple of blogs. Now all my documents have disappeared from my laptop. Interesting to know how easy it is to grab whatever "they" (whoever these strange and greedy guys are) want. I'm always intrigued when someone who obviously has the brains to do marvelous things in the world chooses to use that ability to wreak havoc. 

I am taking it as an opportunity to practice non-attachment. Writing this daily blog is my spiritual practice, so it has never seemed like something to cling to--only to put out into the world as a gift, if it is such. 

In the great scheme of things, I write words and fling them into the wind; words that I hope someone else can capture and make some use of. Along life's way, many people have helped me, taught me, showed me the mysteries, and I am grateful to be able to pass on a little of what resonates with me in hopes that it also resonates with you. 

If I do not post for a couple of days, it will be because I have taken my computer to the Geek Squad for repair. But know this: I am with you in spirit, and in heart. I will be back for as long as I can string words together, and I hope you will still be there to read them.

                                               In the Spirit,

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