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Monday, June 5, 2017

Prayer Requests


Blessed be the journey that has taken you so far along in your life. Blessed be the willingness and the fortitude you have to face each day. And blessed be the goodness in you to want to rest on sacred ground.”
Caroline Myss (Caroline's Blog: Is Prayer Something Real for You?)

I receive lots of prayer requests on Facebook—as I'm sure you do. Almost everyday someone is asking for prayers for themselves, or a friend or relative who is sick or going through a hard time, and lots of folks respond. This leads me to believe that prayer is real for many of us. We believe that in saying, or thinking a few words for that person, we somehow impact their life in a positive way. When we ask God's blessings for them, or we ask that the surgeon have steady hands and a clear mind, when we ask that they be healed, or cured, or lifted up, we have a sense of certainty that God hears us and responds.

To be sure, what we ask for does not always happen as we would like for it to, yet we are comforted in the asking. In the depths of prayer, we connect with a Presence within and without, that feels very real. We're aware of the closeness of that Presence and we feel that It understands our words regardless of our language, feels our pain, and has a vast capacity for compassion. Even when our prayers are not answered in the way we would choose, we feel deep peace in the asking.

Even though most of us seem to direct our prayers to God-out-there, the connection, the deep peace, comes from the God-in-here. When we pray, we go inside to holy ground. We kneel before the Source of our being and communicate with the part of us that is directly connected to that which we call God by many names. That Source is One and Universal—available to, and inherent in, every living thing. It does not belong to one religion, one people or one planet. It is within each of us—we who are made of flesh and bones, blood and marrow, are also made of soul and spirit. I hope you will find your sacred ground today and ask for blessings and guidance for our world.

                                                         In the Spirit,


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