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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life's Illusions

Seeing Clearly

I have been finding treasure in places I did not want to search. I have been hearing wisdom from tongues I did not want to listen. I have been finding beauty where I did not want to look. And I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. Forgive me, O Gracious One; for I have been closing my ears and eyes for too long. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed by only those who can see through all of life's illusions...”
Suzy Kassem (Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem)

Sometimes life is like trying to see through a screen soaked with rain. We know there's something on the other side, we may even think we remember the view, but we can't quite make it out. We adopt the collective ideas of what is important, and pass right by our own as if they are insignificant. We acquire the language and the persona of those we see as powerful and “in” without asking the question of what is me, how do I speak myself. We even change our attire to reflect the fashion trends that designers tell us we should wear. Through a glass darkly, we live within the world's illusions.

Once we open our eyes, and begin to question the wisdom of how we live and who we truly are, these things fall away like raindrops on a sunny day. It is as though we have new eyes—we may be looking at the very same things, but somehow we see them differently. Much that seemed important before no longer matters. The people we once ignored become interesting, meaningful. We recognize and want to protect beauty in all its forms. We listen equally to young and old, rich and poor, educated and not, and gain wisdom and insight from each. The world opens up, and we see vistas we did not know existed, though we have been looking at them for our whole lives.

We think a miracle has happened. And we are right—consciousness is the greatest miracle of all. “I am ready to see what really exists on the other side, what exists behind the blinds, and taste all the ugly fruit instead of all that looks right, plump and ripe.” (Suzy Kassem) I hope today your eyes are open, and you can see what is, instead of life's illusions.

                                                      In the Spirit,


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