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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hearing the Call

Voice Dreams

It is said that disembodied voice dreams may occur at any time but particularly when a soul is in distress; then the deep self cuts to the chase, so to speak. Bang! A [person's] soul speaks. And it tells us what comes next.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with the Wolves, p. 277)

Have you ever had a night-dream in which a voice spoke without being attached to an image? Sometimes, it is just the calling of your name. But the voice that calls your name is one you will never forget. I recall a dream I had as a young woman when my family of origin was in the midst of one of their many snarls. As with a lot of families, when two people were angry with each other, rather than speaking directly to the person with whom they had the beef, they triangulated others into the quarrel. More often than not, those internal family conflicts turned into two warring camps who talked among themselves, but not to each other unless it was to hurl insults and accusations. You may have had some experience with this in your own life.

This particular quarrel involved my father and my grandfather, who were less than fond of one another. My dad kept telling me what I needed to say to my grandfather and to my mother, who was defending her father in the quarrel. In the midst of this family conflagration, I had a voice dream in which I was told, “You must change the paradigm.” Very clear, very straight forward, except for the fact that I had no idea, being young and ignorant, what the word paradigm meant. Apparently knowing this, the voice had said the word so that I could hear the silent g in the middle. So I looked it up in the dictionary. Then, I told my father that if he had a issue with my grandfather, he needed to talk to him and work it out—that telling me and expecting me to take care of the problem was not fair, and would not work. He had to man-up and take care of it himself. Of course, that was not what he wanted to hear, but it did change the paradigm.

Voice dreams are direct communications from the soul. As such, they require serious attention. If you have such a dream in which only your name is called, consider yourself “called” in the Biblical sense. Remember the Old Testament story of Samuel, the child who was given to the temple as a gift by his grateful mother? (1 Samuel 3) He heard his name called three times, and thinking Eli was calling him, he ran to see what the old priest wanted. But it was not Eli calling. It was “the Lord,” which is to say, the voice of God within—the soul. This is not to say that should you hear your name called in a night-dream, you must go out on the mountainside to live as a hermit and preach to the children! But it does mean that you're called to live from your soul, and not from your personality. When you fall into chaos, your soul will speak directly to you. It will pull you up and set your feet back on the path. Your responsibility is to listen—and follow directions.

                                                           In the Spirit,


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