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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Many Paths

One River

To connect with the great river we all need a path, but when you get down there there's only one river.”
Matthew Fox

Do you ever wonder why so many different spiritual paths developed as humanity spread across the planet? Beginning with animal worship among the cave people, to goddess worship with its female oracles, to wisdom religions and sacred lifestyle rituals, to meditation and transcendence, to savior religions and patriarchy. So many different paths to one single river. New paths are still developing. Just ask any modern kid with a tattoo, “What does this tattoo mean to you?” and you will hear a story that reveals what is sacred to them. The paths for many, both young and old, have moved out of organized religions all together, because they have witnessed too much talk and too little action from “religious” people. What they want is that connection that pulls all the parts into one whole.

It seems bred into us to want to find meaning in life—the questions of why am I here, what is required of me, what is real and has substance, arise in us whether we are Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim or have no religion at all. These are human questions—ones that other mammals do not seem concerned with. Perhaps we are pushed to ask such questions by the presence we experience within us, the part of us that observes both ourselves, and the world outside ourselves. We feel it there, behind all the inner yak-yak-yak, just watching and waiting. That presence is consciousness itself. It is the Self. It is what the New Testament calls holy spirit, and the Old Testament calls ru'ach; what the Greeks call pneu'ma, the Hindus call aatma, and the Muslims call ruh al-Qudus. It is our path to the One River. When you discover what calls to you from within, follow that path.

                                                              In the Spirit,


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