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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Solitary Time

I asked myself the question, 'What do you want of your life?' and I realized with a start and terror, 'Exactly what I have—but I want to be commensurate, to handle it all better.'”
May Sarton (Journal of a Solitude; 1973)

In Journal of a Solitude, May Sarton wrote of longing for “open time, with no obligations except toward the inner world and what is going on there.” Time alone, time to think of nothing if that's what one chooses; time for idle hands and wandering thoughts. Time to devote a whole day to piddling around with no discernible goal in mind. Think of it!

How often do you take time for yourself? Most of us don't even consider it. We are like those antique postcard images of the mule tethered to the center cog of a cider press, walking around in a circle all day. We just keep plodding along. Unfortunately, that is a recipe for waking up one day and realizing that most of your life is behind you and you can't remember what you did with it.

Solitary time is essential to self-knowledge and self-actualization. Time to recharge, rethink, reconnect. Time to touch base with Spirit, and see how your soul is doing. Time to think about what comes next. Time to dream, scheme and plan.

A hefty breeze blows this morning, turning all the trees into dancers. The clouds speed by. Birds sing at the top of their lungs. This is truly Sabbath! “Make it so, No. 1.”

                                                               In the Spirit,


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