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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Living Miraculous

I do not believe in meaningless coincidences. I believe every coincidence is a message, a clue about a particular facet of our lives that requires our attention.”
Deepak Chopra (The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire; Introduction)

You may be thinking I'm a stuck record since I wrote about coincidences yesterday, but I just want to report what happened after I wrote yesterday's post. I was wrapping up the blog when I received a text from my friend, Isie, telling me the title of Deepak Chopra's book that she's reading—it's the one listed above. My friend, Harry, and I, at our Friday coffee time, talked about a dream I had years ago, in which, Andy Divine appeared, and suggested I get more serious about writing. In the dream, Divine referenced a piece I'd supposedly written about “red birds on a roof” and when I looked at a nearby building, there were two pairs of red cardinals sitting on a slate roof. After that dream, I started writing this blog, and have continued for six years. In our conversation, Harry informed me that he, too, had seen red birds when he was meditating, and when he did the research, he found that they were Christian symbols—i.e. Catholic Cardinals, who wear red hats. Today, just as I sat down to write this morning's post, a brilliant red cardinal flew up and perched on the tree right outside my window.

Also, yesterday, I thought about calling my cousin, Sandy, because I hadn't heard from her for weeks. I thought, “I'll bet she's sick.” About an hour later, she called me, and sure enough, she's been sick. Then, on the same day, on Science Friday, Ira Flatow interviewed a Theoretical Physicist named Carlo Rovelli, about his new book titled: Reality Is Not What It Seems. He described new findings about the nature of space in our universe—that it's not empty, that it's granular, atomic in nature, and rather like a net. It has shape and form. He described it as being kind of like a fabric that can be stretched and wrapped, but that has definite composition.

Coincidences, yes, and meaningful, at least to me. Meaningful because I choose to make them so. I could brush them aside as happenstance, but that would take the magic out of life for me. I love the notion that we live within a great mystery and that's its very nature will reveal itself if we but pay attention. In fact, the intelligence that is the universe wants to be known, wants to interact with humanity. It's a matter of opening oneself to the miraculous, and acknowledging that the information one receives has meaning. Will you live within the miracle today?

                                                                In the Spirit,


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