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Monday, March 27, 2017


Springtime Life

I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”
Joseph Campbell

The bursting forth of spring makes most of us happy. Like having the sap run up our trunk, we wake in the sun and refresh ourselves in the rain of a warm spring day. We trade our fleece jackets for tee shirts, our boots for sandals, and we sally forth, renewed. Winter is over, the time of darkness is done for another year, energy surges brand new. This, we say, is what it feels like to be alive.

But, the dark shadow of winter, of short days and pseudo-death, the quietude and silence of that season, is the reason that spring feels so vibrant—there would be no spring if there were no winter. There would be no Easter without Good Friday. No daylight without darkness. We owe our feelings of being alive to our journey through winter.

We humans are pretty quick to assign judgment—good or bad. We like nice neat categories; we shy away from blurred lines and messiness. We prefer either/or to both/and. We tend to find meaning in the light, and lack of meaning in the darkness because darkness is so uncomfortable. Both are necessary. The misfortunes of our lives sometimes produce the greatest discoveries. Some of us find our true calling in blind corners. Surviving a challenge may bring the deepest sense of aliveness.

But, it's spring! Let us be renewed! In the words of American philosopher, Paul Kurtz, the meaning of life“can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can.” Enjoy your springtime life today!

                                                           In the Spirit,


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