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Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Wish for You

Inner Fire

May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your hurts turn to healing;
Your heart embrace feeling.
May wounds become wisdom;
Every kindness a prism.
May laughter infect you;
Your passion resurrect you.
May goodness inspire
Your deepest desires.
Through all that you reach for,
May your arms never tire.”  
                                                                           by D. Simone

Day One, 2017. Here is my hope for the new year—that we will find something to devote ourselves to that is decent and good. If each of us identifies one thing that matters to us and to the world, and pledges allegiance to that for one whole year, this would be a year of ultimate and beneficial change. 2016 has brought out the worst in us; perhaps 2017 will bring out the best.

Ultimately, everything we are, and everything we do is at the local level; one person, one heart, one mind, one soul, one spirit. If change is made there, we will see it in our world. To borrow from D. Simone's poem above, may Light surround you, kindle and renew you, heal your wounds, give you the wisdom, kindness, passion and strength to reach for whatever you desire. And may you ignite the world with your inner fire.

                                                                  In the Spirit,

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