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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Assignment for today...

                                                                    Birth A Star

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nitzsche

Far be it from me to try to interpret Nitzsche, but this quote resonated with me this morning. In the world at this moment, we are in a state of chaos. We attribute that chaos to a multitude of external circumstances, and that is partly true. War and poverty, famine, brutality and greed, drive chaos because it functions as a smoke screen for nefarious business. We can use that turmoil as a reason to flee, since it seems instinctual to run from chaos, to retreat into our protective shells, or, we can see it as a call to action. What pops into my mind is the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and how it pushed us past our complacency.

I believe what Nitzsche inferred was that we humans require a pretty good dose of chaos to goad us into action. That, left to our own devices, we would rock along in the lap of Abraham, and never, ever rise to the occasion. We need a little bit of anger; we need to feel dissatisfied, maybe even afraid, in order to get up off our duffs and take our situation seriously. At least, I do.

For sure, it is the rare person who actualizes their full potential. Most of us live far below it, simply because of the effort it takes to rise up. Only the discomfort of our inner chaos kicks that growth in to full steam. Once “woke” by our own anger and outrage, however, we are fully capable of giving birth to a star. And, a dancing star at that!

                                                             In the Spirit,

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