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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Deeper Meaning


We're all just walking each other home.”
Ram Dass

Do you ever look at the people around you and wonder how it happened, or better still, why it happened that you came to know them? How and why they came into your life, and you into theirs? Why is it that people come for a while, you form intense relationships with them, and then they go, but leave their imprint on your psyche and soul. Are these events random? Perhaps.

Some of us (like me), think in metaphysics all the time—that there are no random events, that people come and go for a reason. Lord knows, I'm not infallible; I find meaning in things simply because I choose to find meaning in them. In my world view, a soul incarnates with a specific task, and the people who come into our lives teach us what we're here to learn. Those people include our parents, our siblings, and everyone we come in contact with for longer than a nanosecond. What they teach us may be predominantly positive, or negative, or may simply give us a slice of information that we carry with us from then on--an impression, a whiff of something we need to know. I know, hopelessly mystical, right?

We take on roles of leadership from time to time—sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. These roles are not always clearly seen for what they are, except in retrospect. Case in point, my cousin, Anne, who has a personality like a neodymium magnet—people are drawn to her as if she had her own gravitational field—put out a call last week for bird seed for the Hospice House where her mother is waiting for her return home. Each room has a big picture window with a bird feeder outside and my aunt, Elaine, loves watching the birds. Bird seed for sixteen feeders is expensive, as you might imagine, and the hospice was having difficulty providing. So, Anne posted a request for people to donate—within twenty-four hours, they had 120 pounds of bird seed, and I'll bet there's more on the way. In fact, I'll bet that hospice never has to buy bird seed again.

We all have a role to play in the lives of those around us. We can be conscious about that, or not. Other people have a role to play in our lives; we can choose to see that, or not. Truth is, “We're all just walking each other home.”

                                                                 In the Spirit,


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