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Thursday, September 22, 2016


Season of Turning

...The autumn wind is a raider, pillaging just for fun.”
Steve Sabol

Steve Sabol, the late NFL storyteller and film maker, capitalized the word Raider, and earlier in this quote also spoke of the autumn wind as a Pirate. For many folks, autumn is football season, pure and simple. Certainly, here in Alabama, the Tide will roll and the War Eagle will fly, and tens of thousands of fans will scream themselves hoarse every Saturday until the winter solstice.

This morning, this first day of autumn, the wind is indeed swashbuckling its way around my morning porch and rattling the dry, brown leaves, which are rapidly falling without turning beautiful colors. But autumn is so much more than wind and leaves. This is the season of turning; the wild birds migrate south, the burrowing animals forage and build their dens in preparation for winter. And, human beings seek solitude within and without. It is the season of long walks, and deep meditation, of considering and musing about future plans and changes in direction.

The cooler, shorter days and longer nights bring us to this time of stillness. Even if we live in a neon city, even if everyday life remains the same, our body/mind/spirit responds to the turning of the year, to the changes in light, to the lowering of the sap. The sun rises later and sets earlier, and we slow our pace to match. There are reasons for these rhythms. Creation provided for change in order to facilitate the natural cycle of growth, death and renewal. Our earth tilts, and we tilt with it. When we make conscious these changing cycles, we can lean into them for maximum benefit. Consider the ways you might slow down and give thought to your inner life. Take the candle of consciousness and enter into the growing darkness with anticipation—not with fear, but with expectation of rich reward.

                                                         In the Spirit,

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