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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cease and Desist

Simply Being

Beyond all vindication and blame, the fundamental truth of our existence—the bare fact of our being—can outlast our doing...”
Mark Nepo (Our Authority of Being; Parabola, Fall 2016, p.23)

We are such striving creatures. We have short and long-term goals, we set completion schedules, we achieve milestones on the way to the end game. We do and do and do. Myself, most especially. All this striving, and all this doing leaves us very little time to reflect, to simply be. Maybe that's the point of it. Perhaps, if all the activity were to stop, if all our doing exhausted us into silence and stillness, we would have only our conscious awareness and our breath. And then, what? Would there be enough substance to feel like solid ground? Would we experience the authority of our being, the strength of it? As Walt Whitman described in his poem, Song of Myself: “I exist as I am—that is enough.” Would we feel like that?

Somehow or other, each of us needs to answer these questions. They are existential in nature, and necessary to feeling securely grounded in reality. When times are difficult, we can remember that we are more than our striving, more than a product or an accomplishment. We will know, even if no one else does, that our singular consciousness and breath are sufficient for the moment. We can take this certainty of wholeness into every other moment of our busy lives. Our security lies here, within the strength of our own being.

                                                   In the Spirit,


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