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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Remove the Barriers


Limitations and boundaries only exist at the places where you stop going beyond. If you never stop, then you go beyond the boundaries, beyond limitations, beyond the sense of a restricted self.”
Michael J. Singer (The Untethered Soul, p.119)

Michael Singer describes the word “beyond” as the basic meaning of spirituality. In it's truest sense, spirituality is opening up to the width and breadth of who we are, not just in the flesh, but in the spirit. We have the capacity, if we are willing and diligent, to tap into the limitless creative source of the universe. What is necessary to do this is to withdraw our attention from the superficial aspects of life—how do I look, what shall I wear, how much money can I make, how can I be more successful than the people around me—and so on, and make our spiritual life a primary focus of our existence. It doesn't mean we stop living in the world; we don't have to join a monastery, or, like Thoreau, live alone in the woods for years. It is simply a change of focus, an adjustment to our idea of what reality is.

In going beyond, we let go of the limits we have placed on ourselves. We step off the train of collective thinking and tune into our own capacity to notice where we are, and who we are. Taking time each day to connect with the natural world—to listen and look at what is all around is one step toward going beyond. It's surprising how few of us do that. When you do, you will notice right away that there is a whole world, one not of your own making, that is throbbing with light and energy. You have been immersed in it forever without noticing. You become part of that thriving life simply by tuning in. It is not separate from you, but is an ever available, limitless supply of energy that flows into you if you but remove the barriers to your awareness.

Real life is not about our cell phones, not about our networks, or our attractiveness relative to someone else. Life is about our soul, our spirit, and how it evolves past the wants and desires of the ego to the weightless light beyond. When we remove the limits to our perception of reality, we are one step closer.

                                                            In the Spirit,


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