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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Morning Meditation

Peace and Presence

It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

I have a hard time taking my eyes off the sky long enough to write this morning. Finally, after weeks of searing heat, we have rain—a good overnight soaking. The sun is just peaking above the tree line and the sky is that incredible, rare mixture of pink and gold. The tree frogs do not want to retire for the day, and are still peeping. What a gift to have eyes and ears, and to be present with the dawn. This is one piece of the journey that I truly enjoy.

Traveling well requires awareness, absorption in the moment, attention to details, and gratitude. Using the senses, we have opportunity to experience our environment from within. The sound of rain drops splashing off various surfaces, the feel of the cool, damp air on skin, the sight of the sky as it wakes for the day, the smell of wet earth—this is deep meditation. It begins the day with peace.

Paying attention to the journey, being present enough to appreciate as many details as possible is a great gift to oneself and others. It means we arrive at our destination filled with enough nourishment to share. If we begin each day with peace and presence, we are more likely to carry that positive energy into our world. And, God knows, our world needs as much positive energy as it can get. Travel well today. Go in peace.

                                                     In the Spirit,

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