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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Freedom Seeking

Holding on to Hope

Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”
Vaclav Havel

My grandmother would say this about the times in which we live: “Well, that don't make a lick of sense.” And she would be right. We humans thought for a while there that we had it all figured out—if we kept everything tightly controlled, and under the gun to stay that way, we could keep it going in one direction forever. Boy! Were we wrong!

Here's the deal—it is the nature of all animals to seek freedom. Last week, I had a very sweet encounter with a female brown thrush. Her nest is in the oak tree outside my downstairs screen porch, and she mistakenly flew in through the open dog-door. She could see her nest through the screen, and was flinging herself against it like crazy trying to escape. I corralled the dogs inside and propped the screen door open so she could fly out. All she had to do was look in a different direction to see the open door, but she was entirely focused on the nest. Five minutes later, she was still battering herself against the screen. So I approached her very slowly, and said, “Let me help you.” She looked me right in the eye, and did not fly away. She let me wrap a soft t-shirt around her and carry her to the open door.

We are animals—we want to be free, but we don't always know how to achieve it. We still seem to think that freedom requires powering over others, keeping them tightly controlled at gunpoint. We have seen repeatedly that the guys with the biggest guns and the biggest armies don't always win, but we still don't believe it. Like the brown thrush, we will never stop seeking freedom, but we refuse to turn in a different direction and see the open door.

What's happening in our world today may or may not turn out well—certainly, many people are learning the very steep price of seeking freedom. Only hind-sight will tell us whether any of it makes sense. In the meantime, let us hold on to hope, and do what we can to assist one another.

                                                       In the Spirit,


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