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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Energetic Health

Tending the Life Force

We are amazing beings of energy, with a spiritual life force that constantly feeds and nourishes us. And our energy is always in motion, affected by our thoughts, experiences and our environment.”

In Melody Beattie's book, Journey to the Heart, she says: “You're connected to and part of a mysterious, invisible life force.” And so we are. As elements of one universe, we are made up of the same atomic particles as every other piece of the cosmos. When we speak of being energetic beings, there's really no mystery—everything we know of in this universe is composed of atoms and molecules, which are groups of atoms. There is nothing else...except for the question of what animates us. The mystery begins when we ask ourselves, why are we conscious beings and a rock is not? What power gives us the drive to learn and expand our knowledge throughout our lives? What is it that moves us to create beyond the instinctual creativeness of...say... birds? What caused us to develop this large-sized brain that can envision and then design skyscrapers, and innovative structures like the Sydney Opera House, the pyramids of Gaza, the great wall of China? That can write a sonnet, or a symphony.

Unlike a rock, we have a very active life force—the spiritual component of our beings that we sometimes refer to as spirit, or soul. I believe all animals have souls. We seem to have evolved an out-sized one—one that is creative in nature, and not content to follow its instincts and build the same nest in the same place year after year. One that has an expanded life expectancy in which to explore and develop. One that is intent on furthering the evolution of the species.

That life force is also energetic in nature. In addition to a physical body, we have (as all living beings have) an etheric body that exists in the same space as the physical body and extends slightly beyond it. This body can be photographed using Kirlian photography. It requires tending, just like the physical body. It needs rest, replenishment, nourishment, and acknowledgment. When we are physically tired, ill, or mentally and emotionally stressed, we require more care, both to our physical bodies, and to our spiritual bodies. If we do not acknowledge that our bodies and spirits are exhausted, we will pay the price by becoming seriously ill.

Body and soul are one piece—from time to time, they need rest and solitude, quiet time for reflection, good food and a calm environment. If we give them this, they will continue to be active and creative for many years. If we do not, they will weaken. Some ways to replenish are: read a good book, take a walk in the natural world, sit in meditation or centering prayer, have long, heart-connected conversations with friends, take time for exercise that strengthens rather than stresses. These are some of the nutritional requirements for a healthy soul.

                                                                In the Spirit,


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