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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Adjustments to the Mental Landscape

Mind Clearing

I would consider my diary serves the same purpose as going for a walk or a run. There are physical ways of clearing a mental landscape.”
Chet Faker

I just spent two hours transferring files to a thumb drive and clearing all documents and photographs out of my computer. I had been thinking of doing that for at least a year, but never made time for it. It felt good. Clearing out “stuff” seems to be the order of the day for me.

Clearing the mental landscape from time-to-time is a very good idea, and it can't always be done by thinking, deciding and planning. Sometimes it requires a physical trigger. Clearing off a shelf, cleaning out a closet, going through that catch-all kitchen drawer, hauling stuff to a thrift store, all facilitate mental clearing. I told my sons last week that my house is entirely tethered to the ground by small things—paper clips, coins, somebody's old baseball trophies, books that haven't even been opened in twenty years. Things collect in our environments, and equally, in our heads.

Just like cleaning out the basement, it's smart to clean one's mental baggage. Old ideas, old attitudes, old ways of being in the world, weigh us down and clutter up our thinking. Asking ourselves, “How is this attitude serving me? Is this way of thinking helping me to connect with my world, or is it separating me? Are others harmed?” Thoughts, like everything else, are energy signatures. They go out into the world and mingle, adding to the positive or the negative energy swirling around our planet.

Most of us take care of our physical bodies. Taking care of our mental health is of equal importance. Sometimes, we need to give it a good cleaning out. Today would be a good day for that.

                                                           In the Spirit,

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