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Sunday, March 13, 2016

There's a clue here somewhere.

Nature's Cycles

Nature is a mighty teacher. By observing her cycles we come to understand how life dances within us.”
Science of Mind, page 51, March, 2016

Spring has sprung here in the deep south. The red-buds are in full array, along with jonquils and forsythia. The Bradford pears are clouds of white, smelly blooms. Seemingly overnight, leaves have sprung out of the oak and hickory trees in my yard. There is nothing gradual about our seasons here—they just come in a flash, and we say, “Well...I guess winter's over.” Tomorrow may be summer.

Nature, its changeability, its ebb and flow, it's wax and wane, its rise and fall, gives us a huge clue about the nature of life itself. Our life. We have periods of fullness and emptiness, we are pumped up at times and wilted at others. We are on top at one moment, then topple to the bottom the next. We are part of the earth, and we share her cycles. The difference is that we label some as good and some as bad. I've never heard an oak tree lament that winter is simply too long and too cold. Or the ocean say, “Oi, not this again! Always with the ebb and the flow!” Only humans expect fullness forever.

Should we adjust to the cycles, even enjoy them, we would have less angst, less anxiety and pain. We are a universe unto ourselves. We orbit through all the seasons of life, the spring and the winter, the joy and the sorrow. That's the nature of human experience. Each stage is an adventure if we allow it to be.

                                                       In the Spirit,

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