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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The God Commodity

Presence of Peace

God is an experience. It's not a study, an essay, or an argument. Either you are inundated with it or you are not. God is as real as someone touching your hand. That is how much you can feel the Spirit inside of you. It is as real as the beating of your heart. You feel it flowing through your being.”
Michael J. Singer (The Untethered Soul)

Sometimes today we act as though God is a commodity—something I have and you don't. I'm a Christian, so the real God is my God—or I'm a Muslim, so the real God is mine—or I'm a Jew, so the real God belongs to me. Truth is, God is a presence available to all; believers and non-believers alike. God is not us, and not our religion. God is God and beyond all religions. We cannot name and claim and denounce in the name of God—that has nothing to do with the Source of all that is. That has to do with us—territorial mammals that we are.

God can only be experienced. If you sit with yourself, close your eyes and give your talking brain a fifteen minute recess, what you will be left with is consciousness, presence; the awareness of something very much alive within you. That something is Spirit. You breathe and it breathes, you feel its unconditional love and compassion, its acceptance of you exactly as you are. It is the Source of your life and mine—and the lives of everyone and everything else on this planet. That Presence is God.

It's time for humans to stop using their concepts of God as a bludgeoning tool to harm and condemn and destroy others. It's time to realize that Spirit has nothing whatsoever to do with that—that's all on us. Today, I hope you will make contact with the Presence within you. It will lead you to the path of peace.

                                                      In the Spirit,


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