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Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Black Swan" Moments

Revolution of Soul”

...nothing 'just happens.' We—human beings—are participants in the events that unfold on this planet, from wars to weather to the quality of personal relationships. Nothing 'just happens' without threads of cause and effect. Further, all things happening simultaneously are always interconnected.”
Caroline Myss (Something Erupting: A Revolution of Soul; June 2015 Salon)

Caroline Myss, Medical Intuitive, and author of many best selling books, including Anatomy of the Spirit, and The Creation of Health with Dr. Norm Shealy, sees the energetic interconnections between all things. Literally—she sees them, and she's devoted her life to teaching others about them. She refers to events that seemingly come out of nowhere and change the world in the blink of an eye as “black swans.” 9/11 was one of those events. No one saw it coming, but nothing has been the same since.

She also speaks of humanity as part of an “inner-net.” We are not separate from one another, nor from our environment; we are indelibly part of it, and as dependent upon it as any other living organism. She sees the Pope's encyclical on climate change as another “black swan.” His words to the United Nations yesterday were blunt—because we are interconnected with all else, we are risking our very existence as a species by not acting with all haste to recover the health of our planet to the degree that we are able.

Myss also connects the dots between world events—since 9/11 we have been world at war with itself. Because that war destabilized the middle-east, the Arab Spring arose, which brought about more war and unrest. In the midst of war, we watched the rise of powers that were not in existence before—ISIS, being one. Because of insecurity in the middle-east, other countries have stepped up oil and gas production, we have seen the advent of electric vehicles, and an increase of solar and wind energy. We are also watching the immigrant crisis unfold, which will, all by itself, globalize humanity, change nationalism, and force us to incorporate new ideologies and cultures. We are a world in flux.

Here in the United States, the candidates for President and “Leader of the Free World,” range from the worst face of capitalism, Donald Trump, to the far extreme of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, with a sprinkling of gray matter in between. Enter Pope Francis, with his message of compassion and cooperation, and people line the streets, and pack into venues like starving animals on a bread line. His slow, steady words of love and brotherhood seep into our consciousness—a balm for fevered minds. His request for prayers, not so much for the world or each other, but for himself come as a shock to most, including our stalwart Secretary of State. His humility, an arrow pointing the way back to sanity. Will his visit be another “black swan” moment? I guess that's up to us.

                                                         In the Spirit,


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