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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Butterflies in the Stomach

Revisiting the Solar Plexus

The next center also produces clearly recognizable physical sensations when it releases energy, and especially when it radiates energy in fear and doubt. This center is near your solar plexus...above your stomach and just below your ribs where they come together...”
                              Gary Zukav (The Heart of the Soul)

I haven't thought much about chakras since I left the practice of bodywork. This morning, however, Zukav's book caught my eye first thing and this is the page that opened. So here we go! I trust there's some meaning in this choice for all of us.

The solar plexus is one of the more familiar energy centers for us because we clearly feel its sensations. We speak of “butterflies” in the stomach when we're excited or nervous. We say, “I know it in my gut,” when we have a strong hunch about something. We feel sick to our stomach when worry bears down on us. This area is the first to ulcerate when we have too much stress in our lives.

When we are fearful, troubled or in doubt, energy is leaving our body by way of the solar plexus chakra. We feel it “in the pit of our stomach.” Losing energy here affects every organ in the upper abdomen—stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder. This area is critical, not just to our digestive system, but to our immune system as well. Diseases of the gut—from ulcers to diverticulitis to Crohn's disease—are caused or exacerbated by emotional stress. We can sometimes manage the problem by balancing the body chemistry (like stomach acid, bile, etc.), but this will not affect the root of the problem, which is energy leaving the solar plexus through fear and doubt.

On the other hand, when energy leaves this center in love and trust, we feel confident that we can handle whatever life throws at us. Failure does not frighten us because we know we have the courage to get up and try again. When this center is functioning well, we feel relaxed, open, competent. We are ready to take on the world. Our immune system is functioning well, so we feel healthy.

If you are having problems in this area of the body, work on the fear, doubt and worry. When you feel the sensation of nervousness in your stomach, remember that people make mistakes all the time. We learn from them and go on. The energy of the solar plexus is strengthened when we give ourselves positive messages (“I can do this. I am not afraid. This is new, but it's going to be fun. I'm up to the challenge.”) instead of fear messages (“I can't do this. I'm not the right person for the job. What if I fail and make a fool of myself.”).

Manage the energy and the body will respond with health and vitality. Send your solar plexus some love right now, y'all!

                                                   In the spirit,


Brenda Thompson said...

Wow this is so amazing. Whenever i would enter a situation that wasn't right my stomach would act up. In a relationship..before going to see him my stomach would hurt....on a job that wasnt so pleasant..same thing. So thanks for the enlightenment. I will release energy in love and trust...i can do this

Nicholas Jordan said...

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